God bless our gracious Queen!

Although I have neither been born in Britain nor have I lived here long enough to (be allowed to) feel properly British, I felt overly excited for the Queen’s Jubilee and have been awaiting this long weekend for ages.

You’ve probably been consuming loads of programmes on the lady herself, her history and what particular impact every single of her sixty years on the throne has made on not only this nation, but the whole world. So I will not add to that bulk of numbers and facts. However, Queen Elizabeth is an icon, a legend, but one without scandals or the constant urge to be in the public eye. A wise believer that has a strong sense of identity and belonging. An inspiration that unites people and states.

Here are some collected impressions from a few events I visited. The most popular one was probably the River Pageant on Sunday which was absolutely perfect and… very crowded and even more wet. Nevertheless, even that grey weather couldn’t harm the high spirits or of the several hundreds of union jack flags near the Thames…

What did you do that weekend? Have you jumped right into every possible event, or did you prefer to go away for a beautiful cottage holiday without a TV? Have a great week! x

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