48 hours in Cardiff II: The best mixtape I’ve ever had

After checking out the beach in Cardiff last week, it was time to go back to the city centre and to check out our youth hostel. The city itself is charming, quite small and straight-forward for a capital. Cardiff Castle is very very pretty as well and surrounded by a stunning park that has lots of potential for picnics and extensive reading in the sun.

However – despite the town being very interesting and pretty, the moment we saw our hostel … that wasn’t important anymore. The Bunkhouse Hostel just on the High Street was the fanciest and most attractive hostel I’ve ever seen. (And trust me, I have seen many that don’t deserve to be mentioned at all…) Downstairs’ bar and lounge is furbished in a stunning Victorian style and while the upstairs room are quite small yet incredibly clean and bright, the downstairs level is all covered in colourful beauties. So we turned out to have breakfast in the middle of a massive wooden bed next to old bikes and books. Perfect I’d say…

Although it was not very pleasant to go back to London on a coach whose air conditioner was down, the Welsh countryside and later on, Chelsea harbour among some amazing records did make it a thoroughly successful short holiday! x

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