My phone tells stories

Instead of posting about a hundred photos from my Instagram feed, I just mixed up the best ones from the past weeks into one big collage. You can see there how friends and me had a proper English breakfast in a Shoreditch restaurant that is also the record label where Lana Del Rey among other stars worked in (whooop whoop!), a delicious Japanese meal (it’s not all about food although I wish it would be), a bus journey through Victoria in the middle of the night where I broke the massive umbrella that could potentially have saved me from the cold I got the next morning. There’s a trip to Richmond, an amazing pizza in Knightsbridge, tea and excessive studying in Camden, the British Music Experience museum in the O2, a really good Goethe quote on the Underground and loads of other snaps.

On the picture above you can see what it would look like to just expose all of them at the same time. (It makes a calming and soothing desktop background image by the way!) Sometimes I wonder whether that’s what life is gonna look like in retrospective? A colourful, weird and way too full collage of the best and worst stories of all times, without us being able to properly recognise anything in specific?!

That’s it with serious for now, what are your Instagram names? Jot them down in the comment box below, I’d love to have a look at your best and worst stories! x

One response to My phone tells stories

  1. […] What started here a few weeks ago was so successful and fun that I decided to make a regular My phone tells stories section with the best photos from my Instagram feed. As I’m now even more hopelessly addicted to this awesome app, there’s no end in sight and lots of small and little yet beautiful and memorable moments need to find a platform! […]

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