“It’s all about the song”

… says Carrie Haber. The singer songwriter is originally from Malta – already a superstar there – and currently launching her new EP Tauris in London while playing various gigs in London’s hippest pubs.

The Bedford in Balham effortlessly makes it to one of the most intimate, and more importantly, to one of the pubs with the most amazing sound and acoustic facilities. Mixing a bunch of talented musicians, an euphoric crowd with the typical urban music culture feeling and here we go for an amazing performance of Carrie and two other acts.

Nothing I can say would ever make you apologize

What struck me was not only her ability to turn the atmosphere in the Bedford within seconds, from a melancholic and rather sad love song to the crowd joining in for a song called Mr Taximan that deals with a trip in … a taxi. Whoa. While her voice makes pretty clear that it has the potential to become popular and appreciated way beyond Malta and London, her personality is extremely natural, honest and positive.
Next Wednesday, May 9th, she’s playing an acoustic set at the Floripa in Old Street. Go and check it out if you can and witness what is probably one of the most diverse voices I have ever heard! x

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