I never promised you a rose garden

The Easter break is officially over now and I somehow managed to turn it into a daily marathon of which day can be packed with the most exciting and less exciting  plans to add and then tick off my countless to-do-lists (I hope I’m not the only one regularly failing in ticking off part…) However, there will eventually be some time soon for a proper holiday!

Anyway, on one of the rare days off – in fact, about 10 hours after I came back from Oxford – we took a bus to Cambridge which, the moment we took our first steps, felt like different universe (with a lot of bikes.)

Picking green spots to sit down while listening to Bon Iver and watching some students rowing with tourists became our most frequent activity, right after hanging around in pubs and drinking tea. Now that might sound a little too chilled out, but we actually managed to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful attractions.

It was quite amazing to see how a city that close to London can have such a different touch. Cambridge has that snobby, nerdy smack that makes it incredibly attractive for days out but in terms of down-to-earth-ness, diversity and real life, I much prefer lovely London.

By the way, the title is inspired by a book by Hannah Green which deserves a blog post on its own. I’m planning to do a weekly book review project and I will get started right after I’ve successfully overcome the massive ocean of deadlines, promise! x

4 responses to I never promised you a rose garden

  1. What great photos and i think you editing has really enhanced the photos. my favourite is the photo of the colourful boats on the canal.

    • Caroline – Author

      Thanks a lot, it’s great to hear that! The more time I spend editing, the less I actually know what’s too much or not enough… ; )

    • Caroline – Author

      Aw, thanks for being so nice! I’d love my pictures to hang on other people’s walls. : )

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