The search continues

The first time I went to Oxford, the weekend pretty much came down to eating lots of fast food, drinking, sleeping, watching lame movies and wandering around through fields and woods to avoid people and noise under all circumstances.

Well, it was right for the time, but this time I was desperate to visit all the colleges, book shops and colleges that are responsible for its international reputation.

Starting off at the Carfax Tower to get some orientation and to enjoy the sun that came every 15 minutes after several sudden rain showers. Exploring the library area and the Radcliffe Camera (which I completely fell in love with), we went on to Oxford Castle. It may have something to do with me being a spoiled German who grew up among Europe’s most beautiful castles and ruines near the Rhine river – but I didn’t find it the least remarkable. But then again, Oxford was never famous for its castle.

Moving on to some snaps in beautiful small streets (that only look a little dodgy because the sun once again decided to have a short recovery break), my charming little brother had more fun taking pictures of silver Ferrari’s and BMW’s than of my expectant face. However, he still managed to do something, as you can see!

Other stops were the famous G&D’s in Jericho whose ridiculously gorgeous Jack Daniel’s ice cream made my heart beat a little faster. This alone would have made this visit worth it. But so did another walk through the canal woods, you may recognize some parts from my last Oxford post.

After a refreshing visit at a sushi place, it was already time to head back to lovely London. I love these city lights!

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