Running vs. Instagram

As Instagram for Android has finally been released last week, I did not only generally use my phone camera as a third eye but also got pretty distracted when I actually planned to do some serious running in Hampstead’s parks. There have been quite a few cakes recently (which is an understatement but I don’t really want to go into details.) Moving on – all the other joggers, walkers and dogs probably found it immensely funny to watch me running a few metres, then suddenly stopping in amazement, taking a photo, experimenting with all the different filters, running again, stopping… well, you get the picture.

Have a look at them and you’ll see why I was honestly surprised by the outcome. I haven’t expected them to be that sharp and lively. Also, the lightning works beautifully with the forests’ features. It’s horrible to say that but I don’t think my proper camera could have set  these in scene any better, although the quality is not perfect. As a result, I might trust my phone camera a little more when it comes to semi-professional snapshots where the resolution is not as important as the atmosphere and that certain analogue touch.

So now that Instagram has been tested, I promised myself to exercise a little more seriously and dedicated next time. I even agreed to some running routine with a friend. We have agreed on becoming newcomer talents at the Olympics. Well, I just have to finish that chocolate fudge cake and we’re good to start!

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