The Digital Diet

A few months ago,  I went to a public lecture at the LSE where Daniel Sieberg was talking about some Digital Diet experiment. I made some notes, found it inspiring but didn’t really take the time to fully dig into his material. Well, I have now and I’m glad I did. Sieberg suggests four steps into a healthy handling with technology and our 24/7 availability. It’s pretty broad and doesn’t have too many specifications (at least not in my short summary), so it’s easy to adjust it to your personal circumstances!


Taking a step back to see if one’s (technology) life is balanced and doesn’t take too much space and time.


Having a diet of 1-2 days to observe the world one lives in without any distractions. The outcome of this would be a better strategy, clear time restrictions


In terms of reconnecting, Sieberg stresses that it’s easy to be amazed by the smoothness of long distance contacts and their lives rather than mainly spending time (and by spending time he doesn’t mean Whatsapp or Skype!) with the people around you.

Often, he says, it’s a decision between many shallow relationships or a few interactions of a two-hour coffee with one person (and without constantly checking Facebook…)


Taking all the previous steps into account and working out a personal, daily pattern that has a high priority!

I found this whole project very up-to-date and it’s certainly not an issue that you think about once in your life. Sometimes it’s a constant battle of the conveniences of the internet and the digital connections versus actual real life and activities.

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