Pick Me Up at Somerset House

I’m always happy to find excuses to stroll around Somerset House. It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in London and always feels a little like some secret island in the middle of the metropolitan and energetic buzz.

The reason I went there yesterday was the new contemporary graphic art fair Pick Me Up. The Embankment Galleries opened the gates for a week of art, workshops, music and numerous talents.

It was great to see how much talent the city (among many others) unites and how amazing poets, painters and dreamers can make the world a little brighter and more hopeful. Also, I didn’t know we’d have THAT many hipsters living here. But hey, if you’re tired of surprises, you’re tired of London – or something very much like that.

My highlight (of course…) was Kibbo Kift, a platform where art got linked with music. Various poems were underlined by smooth rhythms on the guitar while eclectic dance in the audience was caused by the fabulous Tigercats.

So now, inspired by all these different presentations, I’m gonna have to give our plain room a new look I guess… Have a great and sunny weekend. If I could, I wouldn’t do anything else apart from visiting all the splendid parks in the area for extensive picnics and reading sessions.

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