Make it count

Hampstead is lovely. Moreover, it’s not just one of London’s greatest spots, it’s also my home that I never want to leave. Yes, I know, that’s very helpful at the age of 19 when you’re aiming for a job that’s all about flexibility and adjusting to different environments.

Anyway, whenever the world feels too big yet way to oppressive at the same time, or, if I need to remind myself there’s a universe outside packed tubes, dirty streets and bitter faces – the silence and doldrums of the heath are surely the best company.

The timing of posting some winter photos seems a little random but since I like seeing how the weather slowly changes back to summer, color and joy (which is not to say that winter cannot be beautiful – look at this wonderland!), it’s good to remind us what it looked like not so long ago. Also, they’ve secretly been waiting to get out there for ages…

I hope you’re having a good week so far with plenty of shiny sunbeams and lots of great moments worth capturing!

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