Some people wear their history like a map on their face

The thing with writing about music is that however elaborately you’re trying to describe how smoothly the rhythms go alongside with the songwriter’s voice, nothing can compete with the feeling you actually have when you’re part of the situation.

Live music is in 99% of all cases either benefitting the musician’s performance in terms of interacting with the audience and their chemistry or completely ruining it. It’s always much better or much worse than the record. Suddenly, there are not enough smart machines anymore for covering up weird noises that arise because the performers don’t harmonize with each other or simply weren’t prepared.

The It’s All Happening gigs are always a positive surprise. They are intimate and personal and have yet enough space and people to get lost (the good kind!) in awesome indie music.

So I guess the only thing I have to say that actually relates to the way music should always be reviewed and enjoyed, would be to go down yourself in order to be part of many music projects that start as cozy events that are just waiting to be given the final push to change everything…

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