Hello spring, please stay!

There’s something really frustrating about these first days of spring that immediately make you want to pack all your things and camp somewhere at the seaside: The amount of work that’s relentlessly waiting at your desk.

Still, if I couldn’t have that train journey to Brighton or Bournemouth, Camden Town would do as well, I thought. And yes, it did! Packed with people (not that it’s ever not packed…) who had just the same genius idea, it was a bit of struggle to get to that super cool upper bar where delicious cocktails were being served. A big YAY! to the season of fruity drinks now please!

The photos pretty much speak for themselves, I guess. Amazing blue skies, colorful oriental impressions and unique vintage clothing – a thorough paradise.

Moving on from Camden’s obvious (and charming!) craziness and diversity, let’s have some fashion! I just loved my friend’s pastel combination of spring pieces that were almost begging for the sun to stay a little longer…

Having spent at least a few hours sun-bathing instead of thinking about how Machiavelli’s illusion of order has influenced today’s economics, it is much easier to do so now. And, a small yet not so surprising comforter is that the sea will still be there when my papers are handed in. I’ll see you soon, south coast!

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