Live on coffee and flowers / Try not to think what the weather will be

It’s not really the biggest secret that Notting Hill with its colorful houses and the famous Portobello Market is one of the most beautiful spots in London. Yet on Saturdays, I always found it a little too crowded, a little too busy and just a little to much. So it struck me even more to see by what quiet beauty it’s surrounded on week days. I literally couldn’t stop raving over all the little boutiques, cafés and the sort of lazy artistic feeling that was all over the streets.

It just seems like the perfect place to relax with a good cup of tea (what seems like the only thing I ever talk about now), a lovely friend with lots of super important things to talk over and a future that is just waiting to be filled with exciting plans and visions.

I just now fell in love with this version of Notting Hill and realized once again, that one of the nicest things of living in London is getting the chance to catch a thousand different impressions at one time, at one place. So from now on, I’ll try to pay more attention to what’s actually going on in the beautiful streets we all live in, instead of heading from one appointment to another, quickly checking the latest e-mails on the way and, in the same, losing sight for what’s really important: People. (And tea, of course…)


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