It’s All Happening

A few weeks ago I started taking photographs for a very exciting music project that is not only a platform for new musicians, but also a record label, music blog and a weekly event. I’m talking about It’s all Happening – in this case, it’s all happening in Acton Town, West London.

Calum Hartley

Promising new musicians get the chance to present their work to an audience that couldn’t possibly be any more diverse and mixed – which adds to its special atmosphere. On that particular night, I had the pleasure to listen to singer/songwriter Calum Hartley who stunned The King’s Head pub with melancholic and quiet acoustic songs. There were Strawhouses who absolutely blew me away and whose first album (These are the willing) my iPod keeps playing 24/7 now. Their sharp and memorable yet incredibly smooth and lyrical rhythms didn’t fail to impress me with every new song or chord they were playing.

The I.D.

The I.D. were extraordinarily great as well, I particularly enjoyed photographing the frontman who had a very interesting style of both performing his music and his personality. There is a lot of more material to come within the next weeks and visits… Be excited! x

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