Londres est magnifique. Par contre, je préfère manger français!

First, I’m perfectly aware that I haven’t post anything in, let’s face it, ages. I’ve been really busy working on my portfolio, reorganizing my life a little and most importantly, getting out there and making things happen. Sometimes, this also implied to let them go which was probably the sad part. Anyway, for you that means that this space will be (constantly, from now on, I promise) filled with new impressions, inspirations and many different kinds of posts and photographs!

Some Portsmouth photos are going to make the start. I went there last week with a friend to celebrate the end of the assessment term at university and to have a bit of a break from London. It was most likely the coldest day in the history of this planet or maybe I just wasn’t used to spending more time outside than daily runs to and from the tube anymore.

The sea was lovely, quiet and just what our minds needed to calm down. As for the rest of this city, it was mostly grey and it was quite a challenge to find the stunning areas. Nevertheless, they certainly do exist, it just required some time and energy for us to find parks that stunned us with their colours or little unique shops that had beautifully arranged displays.

What struck me was the City Museum where both the history of Portsmouth is presented and contemporary and very talented artists whose home was or is the city. The fact that all major coffee shops closed at 6pm was slightly irritating and gave us another reason to looking forward to arriving back in lovely London!

Make this a good week, amazing people. x

2 responses to Londres est magnifique. Par contre, je préfère manger français!

  1. trappen

    I always spent my half an hour to read this web site’s articles everyday along with a cup of coffee.

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